Buncha Jerks

Buncha Jerks was born from a desire to make quality, premium seasoning.

I love jerk seasoning! I have tried many jerk seasoning blends because I kept trying to find the “one” that I really liked, but I never found it. I would read the labels and see ingredients like “spices” or “bell peppers” or “red peppers” and even “paprika.” I’ve even found some where the first ingredient listed was “Pepper,” which is deceiving (because you want peppers in your jerk spice) until you open up the bottle and get a nose full of peppercorns … if I wanted black pepper, I would have bought that instead! There should at least be some spicy peppers in there (no, peppercorn doesn’t count!), but traditionally there should be Scotch Bonnet peppers. That’s the seasoning I wanted! Where’s that seasoning?

I never found it…so I made my own.

Good food is seasoned well! The food you create is only as good as the seasoning you have. I was surprised to find that so many manufactures of seasoning use so much filler to make their product larger and charge more for it. That’s not what we’re doing here! We’re using natural ingredients for authentic flavor.


I’ve done my research! In addition to providing natural ingredients, I wanted to be sure that the ingredients in this jerk seasoning were native to the products that are found on the island of Jamaica. After all, jerk seasoning is native to Jamaica, so the ingredients in it should be as well.




Our product has 6 natural ingredients, no filler! You get Scotch Bonnet peppers, all spice, salt, sugar, thyme and cinnamon. That’s it! You’ll never be surprised with what’s in our seasoning!

I start with whole, real Scotch Bonnet Peppers and dehydrate them for quality and taste. No bell peppers! Sometimes the Habanero pepper is substituted for the Scotch Bonnet pepper since they are about the same in heat. However, the Scotch Bonnet pepper is different from the Habanero pepper because it provides the seasoning a little fruity flair. Scotch Bonnet Peppers are native to Jamaica and it’s where we purchase them from. After dehydrating them we grind them up for use in our seasoning.

Our other ingredients are purchased whole so we can grind them ourselves to ensure that there are no fillers or additives in our seasoning. This allows us to give a great seasoning that is suitable to be used as a rub, directly into your cooking pan or even as a marinade.

The Natural Difference:

Using whole, natural ingredients makes a huge difference in taste. Some of the popular name brand jerk seasonings require 3 tablespoons(!) of their seasoning per 1 pound of meat or fish! Lots of filler means you need to use lots of product!

My seasoning works with the natural flavors of our ingredients and only requires ½ of a tablespoon per 1 pound of meat or fish. You will use 6 times more seasoning with those other seasonings than you will with mine.

Good things come in small packages!

My seasoning is packaged in three sizes, 1oz, 2.5 oz and 3.75 oz jars. These sizes may seem smaller than what other companies are selling, but check out how our product stacks up against other spices:

Private Label Competitor use per 1lb meat

Private Label Competitor uses per jar

Buncha Jerks use per 1lb meat

Buncha Jerks
uses per jar

Name Brand Competitor use per 1lb meat

Name Brand Competitor uses per jar

2 ½ Tablespoons

10 oz jar = 8 uses


1oz jar =
6 uses

3 Tablespoons

5 oz jar = 3.3 uses


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